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  • Sony VGP-BPS20/S Laptop Battery Replacement

  • Sony VGP-BPS20/S Replacement battery
  • Product ID: UK2LSN11102505
  • High Quality Sony VGP-BPS20/S Battery Replacement 7800mAh
  • Brand new replacement Sony VGP-BPS20/S battery 7800mAh for laptop models / original battery Sony VGP-BPS20/S, VGP-BPS20/S VGP-BPS20/B ... Spare battery for Sony VGP-BPS20/S laptop is important for business, travel and entertainment.
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
    Capacity: 7800mAh
    Voltage: 11.1V
    Color: Silver
    Dimension: 209*49*24mm
    Net Weight: 485g


Sony Laptop Battery VGP-BPS20/S, Sony VGP-BPS20/S Charger AC Adapters:

Original Battery for Sony VGP-BPS20/S 57Wh 5200mAh 6-Cell

Battery Type: Li-ion Original; Capacity: 57Wh 5200mAh 6-Cell; Voltage: 10.8V; Color: Black / Silver; Dimension: 205.00 x 49.75 x 20.30 mm; Net Weight: 306g;
Sony VGP-BPS20/S battery replacement for Sony VGP-BPS20/S, VGP-BPS20/S VGP-BPS20/B ...

100% Original brand new Sony laptop battery VGP-BPS20/S / B for VAIO VPCZ Series by Sony Company in Janpan Made.

Original Battery for Sony VGP-BPS20/S 7800mAh

Battery Type: Li-ion Original; Capacity: 7800mAh; Voltage: 10.8V; Color: Black; Dimension: 209*49*24mm; Net Weight: 485g;
Sony VGP-BPS20/S battery replacement for Sony VGP-BPS20/S, VGP-BPS20/S VGP-BPS20/B ...

Sony VAIO VPCZ112 VPCZ11 Series laptop original battery VGP-BPS20 VGP-BPL20 7800mAh 9-Cell high capacity

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We promise to protect customer's private information, such as e-mail, address, telephone and so on.

Shopping reminder:

Laptop batteries are very professional products, related the secure with laptop. Don't choose the Sony VGP-BPS20/S battery whose price is very low. Because cheap battery, the distributor is usually reduce the cost from the battery cells, which are the core parts for a battery most of costs. The charging and discharging times is insufficient for poor quality battery cells, the durability is bad, and easy to distort, even the explosion risks and so on.

Our Promise:

1. Brand new A grade battery cells. Cheap price with high quality, very good performance, worthy of trust.
2. We are professional manufacturer and distributor of all types of replacement batteries and battery chargers power adapter accessories. Brand new Sony Vgp-bps20/S battery and Sony Vgp-bps20/S charger ac adapter, three years warranty, one month refund and return if defective from the date of purchase without people damage situation.
3. 100% secure, not any bad effect in your laptop after used. Of course, please tell us if any problem, we'll solve it for your properly.
4. Sony Vgp-bps20/S battery same day delivery ordered before 2.30pm for Europe and Asia countries, including UK mainland, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Denmark, France, Sweden, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, United States, Israel, India, Romania, Korea and more. Next day delivery orders placed on Saturday.

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Once we receive the payment of one order, we'll send the confirm letter; and once the tracking number is available, we'll also send it to our customers for tracking delivery status. Further problem, please contact us with customer servicers.

Sony laptop batteris VGP-BPS20/S Use Manual

1. The new laptop battery Sony VGP-BPS20/S is used for the first time, it should charge immediately after runing out the remaining power. And the first three necessary and sufficient to charge more than 8 hours (Don't care about 1-2 hours of charging display "battery is full" message), and try to run out of battery before recharge.
2. Please use the original battery charger Sony VGP-BPS20/S or domestic brands, try to avoid using the multi-purpose battery chargers.
3. Sony VGP-BPS20/S battery life of 3-5 years, can be recycled approximately 800-1000 times, lithium batteries should be replaced with 3 years.
4.Pay attention to the surrounding heat when battery charging.
5.Please take out the battery from battery compartment for long time unused, keep in a dry and cool environment. It is better to put it in the battery box to avoid short-circuit.
6. Battery should be fully charged for long tiem unused. Don't keep a long time without power. Because all of the battery have a natural "sleep" state after preserving for a long time, the Sony VGP-BPS20/S battery life will reduced, So please recharge the battery for every few months. If the battery has been placed for a long time, you'd batter charge battery with a slow charge for the first.

Why does Sony VGP-BPS20/S battery not charging?

Answers: 1. First, you should check whether Sony VGP-BPS20/S battery you bought is compatible with your original battery type and your laptop model.
2. Computer's CMOS cann't identify the battery, you need to re-plug the battery, or the next computer upgrade or restore the CMOS settings, and the computer set to identify the hardware interface automatically.
3. Maybe the charging chip of computer's motherboard was damaged, it cann't charge the battery, you need to change a new chip on the motherboard.
4.Sony VGP-BPS20/S battery not charging when zero voltage or low voltage in local circumstances. You'd better discharged the battery completely, then slow charge more than 10 hours to activate the battery.
5. Maybe Sony VGP-BPS20/S battery was used for a long time, Sony VGP-BPS20/S battery life is limited, you need to change a new battery.
6. Maybe battery is damaged during using or transit. You need to change a new battery.
7. Check whether the power adapter works normally, maybe this is the adapter problem.

Ask: How much is Sony Vgp-bps20/S battery life or standby time?

Answers: Usually for a 4-cell battery, the standby time is about 2 hours, and the battery life is about 1 hours; a 6-cell battery's standby time is about 3 hours, and battery life is about 2 hours; a 8-cell battery standby time is about 3.5-4 hours, battery life is about 3 hours; 9-cell battery standby time is about 4.5 hours, and battery life is about 3.5 hours; 12-cell battery standby time is about 5-6 hours, and battery life about 4-4.5 hours.
In a word, the cells of battery are more, the battery standby time and battery life is longer. See the Sony Vgp-bps20/S battery use manual service >>

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