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  • CANON NB-8L Digital Camera Battery Replacement

  • CANON NB-8L battery
  • Product ID: UK2DCN016K
  • Rechargeable CANON NB-8L Battery Replacement 700mAh
  • Spare lithium-ion battery pack for CANON battery NB-8L helps you take pictures of the wonderful moment. Brand new rechargable CANON NB-8L battery pack kit 700mAh compatible original digital camera batteries CANON NB-8L, NB-8L ...
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
    Capacity: 700mAh
    Voltage: 3.7V
    Color: Black
    Dimension: 40.50*35.40*5.90mm
    Net Weight: 56.5g


CANON Digital Camera Battery NB-8L, CANON NB-8L Chargers:

Brand new, No memory effect ,Rechargeabled(between 400 to 600 charge-discharge cycle)
The CANON Nb-8l battery lifeis approximately 2-5 years(300-500 times).
This CANON battery NB-8L same day delivery order before 2.30pm. 3 year warranty , 30-Day money back guarantee. Fast shipping!

Replacement Battery for CANON NB-8L 740mAh

Battery Type: Li-ion; Capacity: 740mAh; Voltage: 3.6V; Color: Black; Dimension: 40.3*34.68*5.85mm; Net Weight: 29g;
CANON NB-8L battery replacement for CANON NB-8L, NB-8L ...

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Shopping reminder:

Digital Camera Batteries are very professional products, related the secure with Digital Camera Batteries. Don't choose the CANON NB-8L battery whose price is very low. Because cheap battery, the distributor is usually reduce the cost from the battery cells, which are the core parts for a battery most of costs. The charging and discharging times is insufficient for poor quality battery cells, the durability is bad, and easy to distort, even the explosion risks and so on.

Why select us?

1. We are a manufacturer which specialize in research, development, manufacturing & sales of all types of laptop notebook batteries, laptop charger ac adapters power supply, camera batteries, camcorder batteries, PDA batteries and multi battery chargers. Our products have been sold in Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East and other countries and regions.
2. All our products have passed strict quality assurance procedures such as ISO9001, CE, UL certifications.
3. Our CANON NB-8L Replacement batteries are cheaper two-thirds than the original CANON NB-8L battery price from Brand manufacturers, and direct selling online which contact the consumer directly without any agents. So our products maybe the lowest in price. Three years warranty, one month refund and return without people damage situation.
4. 100% secure, not any bad effect in your laptop after used. Of course, if the CANON NB-8L battery not charging or any problem, please tell us, we'll solve it for your properly.
5. The same day delivery on CANON Nb-8l battery ordered before 2.30pm for Europe and other countries, including UK mainland, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Denmark, France, Sweden, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, United States, Israel, India, Romania, Korea and more. Next day delivery orders placed on Saturday.

CANON NB-8L Battery Charger Maintenance Manual:

1. If you don't use CANON NB-8L battery for a long time,please keep the battery fully charged. Don't do a long-term storage without power!
2. You'd better activate the battery every two months after a storage period,care of the charge and discharge time, or it's easy to shortcut CANON NB-8L battery life.
3. More than 15 days not use the camera & Camcorder, it is best to take out the battery pack from the camera & Camcorder.The battery is best kept individually, preferably keep in a dry,cool places.
4. Don't store CANON battery NB-8L together with metal objects because a short-circuit may cause severe damage to the rechargeable NB-8L CANON battery.
5. CANON Nb-8l battery used for a long time, if the battery contacts appear dirty, please use the eraser to clean the battery contacts metal.Keep the battery contacts clean can guarantee that contact is not a waste of electricity, or the dirt will make power loss,even it can't work properly.
6. Charge the CANON Nb-8l battery pack for the first time to perform at full capacity. and please try to make the battery running out of power every time, then use fully charged; if it start charging with 20% power everytime, it's not good for extended battery life.
7. When CANON Nb-8l battery charging,you'd better charge with the slow filling, reduce the quick charge mode. No matter what quick charge or slow,the time for charging is not more than 24 hours.Otherwise the battery will be damage and burn out cell because of producing great electric current.
8.Some charger with automated and intelligent ,when the lights change, the fact that only 90% full,and charger can automatically change with the slow charging to make the battery fully charged. Don't immediately put the charger's power supply cut off, even it's best to make up battery power for some time.Don't use inferior charger and try to avoid using the universal charger.
9. Don't modify or disassemble the battery for CANON NB-8L. Avoid piercing, hitting, crushing or any abuse use of the NB-8L battery pack.

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Once we receive the payment of one order, we'll send the confirm letter; and once the tracking number is available, we'll also send it to our customers for tracking delivery status. Further problem, please contact us with customer servicers.

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